Which Shed?

Confused by the number of shed styles and constructions available? Want to know more about which is the right shed for you? Looking for more information on different styles of shed? FreeDeliveryOnSheds.co.uk has put together the most comprehensive checklist of shed types, with descriptions and pictures to help get the right shed for you.

The different construction options for sheds can be baffling – what is a reverse apex overlap shed? FreeDeliveryOnSheds.co.uk has put together a guide covering the most common, and not so common shed constructions,with a description and image of each. Watch this video which gives a brief overview of the types of shed you can buy:

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Apex shed

An apex shed has two slopes, with the highest point down the middle of the shed along its length.

Overlap shed 

Overlap timber is rough sawn to the touch. The slats are nailed to the framing of the building with each overlapping the other creating a water tight external cladding. Overlap sheds tend to be more rustic in appearance and are often an affordable option.

Tongue & Groove shed 

Tongue & Groove, or T&G, is made by interlocking lengths of wooden boards, like floorboards, that provide greater strength and durability. Tongue & Groove sheds tend to be more expensive than other constructions like overlap or shiplap.

Pent shed 

A pent shed has a single slope. The highest point of the roof is one the side of the door.

Shiplap shed 

Shiplap timber is a shaped and formed piece of timber. Each piece connects to the next with an interlocking tongue and groove joint. The finished panels are nailed into place creating a superior cladded finish to the outside of the shed.

Shiplap Pent shed

This combines the features of a pent shed and shiplap construction

shiplap pent

Reverse Apex shed

Reverse apex sheds offer plenty of space to the side of the doors which will give you a stylish wooden building for your garden.

reverse apex

Shiplap Reverse Apex shed

This shed combines the construction of shiplap with the reverse apex style above


Apex Overlap shed

Combines the cheaper overlap construction with an apex roof

Pent Overlap shed

Combines the sloping single roof of the pent style with the cheaper, rough sawn overlap construction


Shiplap Apex shed

This combination is the standard apex inverted v-shaped roof and the shiplap construction, of shaped and formed timber

shiplap apex

Reverse Apex overlap shed

Getting the hang of it now? Overlap is the rough hewn, cheaper timber used to overlap the boards, like fence panels, and the reverse apex roof gives more space to the side of the doors, check out the image below


Shiplap Offset Apex shed

A picture speaks a thousand words! Shiplap construction, with an apex roof that protrudes to provide an overhang at the front of the shed – I did my best, take a look! T


Sheds come in a variety of different styles, from gothic to dutch barn to combination, these are listed below – click on each style for descriptions and pictures of each:

Potting shed

potting shed

Contemporary shed

contemporary shed

Gothic style shed

Combination style shed

combination style shed

Garden pod

garden pod

Cabin shed

cabin shed


Barnstyle shed

barnstyle shed

Security shed

security shed

Post and Beam shed

post and beam shed

Tool shed

tool shed

Corner shed

corner shed

Dutch barn style shed

dutch barn style shed

Georgian style shed

georgian style shed

Sentry box shed

sentry box shed

Heavy duty shed

heavy duty shed

Compact shed

compact shed

Classic shed

classic shed

Modular shed

modular shed

Workshop shed

workshop shed