Prices are subject to variation. All reasonable attempts are made to reflect accurate prices and they may vary when you place your final order. Prices may vary from time to time when you place your order if there are short term promotional discounts applied by our partners. Check out our Discounts page for offers. Prices may also increase if you add on surcharged extras at the point of order, or if you buy a different size to the item used for the quoted price for the display product on this web site.

Sizes quoted are as accurate as reasonably possible, please check carefully before you place any order that the size you are ordering is the size you want; for example, 8×10 may be a different configuration to 10×8, subject to placement of doors and windows. Please also be aware that the product ordering page may require you to choose your size and specification to calculate the correct price for you.

Free delivery has restrictions depending on where you live, and delivery may be an additional cost for you to pay, please check when placing your order by entering your post code to see if you qualify for free delivery, or you are liable for a surcharge.

Extras such as flooring, roof felt colour, installation and accessories may all be options as free or surcharged when you place your order, subject to supplier and item ordered.