FreeDeliveryOnSheds.co.uk works with major UK suppliers and takes an independent view of the sheds and garden buildings market to showcase products it has reviewed, to provide quick links to both supplier clearance and sale pages, and links to periodic discounts and offers being made by the suppliers. The Discounts page can be viewed here.

Where the same products or similar products are on offer, then FreeDeliveryOnSheds.co.uk compares prices from the respective suppliers to give you the best price available. You can search for products on our “Buy Sheds” page. There is a guide on “How to Search” here. Please bear in mind that there may be additional extras at checkout with the supplier for home delivery, accessories and installation as examples of additional charges, some optional, some mandatory when you place your order.

FreeDeliveryOnSheds.co.uk has also researched the many different types of sheds available, with images and descriptions where appropriate to help you to understand the various styles available, from Apex to Pent to Shiplap – it can be a bit confusing, so check out the different styles available, so you get what you want. You also won’t be disappointed if your neighbour gets a really cool looking shed just after you’ve bought yours – so avoid “Shed Envy” and take a look, under our information page “Which Shed?” (currently work in progress), which has an overview of shed construction types and styles, with links to more detailed descriptions and images of different styles of sheds.

Look out as well for size specifications – where sheds are described as being 6×4 or 8×6, these can be different to the product’s detailed specifications, so check carefully under the technical specifications section / description of any shed, summerhouse, greenhouse, workshop, log cabin or summerhouse in which you are  interested. On this site, the size groupings are approximate – a 7′ 3″ x 5′ 9″ shed would be classified under 7×6, as an example.

There is also a page which describes how to get the best out of our site, which you can find here “How to Buy“.

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